How to terminate the job submitted to batch job scheduler

See "How to terminate the programs executed accidentally" for the deletion of the processes running on the login nodes.

When the job-ID is known

Terminate the job with qdel command as follows.

$ qdel job-ID

If job-ID is 10056, type

$ qdel 10056

When the job-ID is unknown

Confirm the job-ID with qstat command, then incompleted jobs of the user are displayed.

Example: When GSIC user confirms the incompleted jobs, displayed as follows.

$ qstat
job-ID  prior  name user  state submit/start at     queue jclass slots ja-task-ID 
10053 0.555 ts1     GSIC   r     08/28/2017 22:53:44 all.q          28
10054 0.555 ts2     GSIC  qw     08/28/2017 22:53:44 all.q         112
10055 0.555 ts3     GSIC  hqw    08/28/2017 22:53:45 all.q          56
10056 0.555 eq1     GSIC  Eqw    08/28/2017 22:58:42 all.q           7

TIPS. Status of jobs

state 説明
r Running
qw Waiting in order
hqw Waiting for other jobs to finish because of the dependency
Eqw Error for some reason

Delete jobs with Eqw by yourself. See here for the cause of it.
Refer to here if you want to change the status of a job to hqw.